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Have you ever wondered if there is any point to all these extra clubs you do outside of school? Or if anyone is going to take notice of the things you achieve if they don’t have a grade next to them? I’m going to take you through all the ‘phases’ I went through to help you realise that no matter what you do you’re dramatically helping your future opportunities. There are 365 days in a year and an average life expectancy of 81 years so what are you going to do with your 29,565 days?! (and remember you can’t sleep, scroll and eat your way through them all!)...

Throughout my life I have kept busy with a range of hobbies. As a young girl I went through all the ‘phases’ beginning with what every young girl wanted to do – ballet! However, it didn’t take me long to turn in my pretty pink shoes for a karate suit! To my parent’s surprise this actually stuck for a long time and only switched to baton twirling when I was 10. Back in the world of dance and gymnastics I simply loved the sport (and still do to this day) twirling my way across the floor in sparkling outfits, all whilst spinning and releasing a baton above my head – what more could a girl want!

Around the same time (age 10) I was gifted snowboard lessons for Christmas and immediately took to the sport. After spending every week for a year at the dry slope we finally went on our first ‘ski’ holiday. From here the love grew and since that day I have loved the thrill of snowboarding and the adventure that comes from being on the mountains. Six years, five ski trips across Europe and Canada and two snowboards later, you could say I’m still in love.

The last ‘hobby’ as such came when I was around 13 – it was the Royal Air Force Air Cadets (RAFAC). Out of the hobbies I have done, this one is less of a hobby and more a way of life! Two nights a week, every week, I progress, learn and develop more life skills than school could ever teach. Flying, gliding, shooting and sports dominate my weekends and camps away fill the school breaks. From adventure training camps in Scotland to working camps at RAF bases, I’ve met some of my closest friends in life so far. Despite the stereotypes, we don’t only go around flying planes and talking about aircraft, we also work towards achieving an extra level 2 BTEC in Aviation studies.

Out of all the things I have gained from the RAFAC, leadership and discipline have been the most transferrable skills. Competing in drill competitions and leadership scenarios allowed me to develop my skills and progress to be able to lead. Discipline taught me respect and self-motivation which helped fuel my drive to succeed.

Because of this I took a more confident approach in school and applied to be a head girl! After achieving this I thought “why not!” and applied to be a deputy head student of the school! To my amazement I secured the position and hope I have influenced the school in a positive way along with all the other head students.

Out of all the hobbies I have done, each has brought value or a lesson to my life and benefited me in some way. From sports I developed leadership and team work as well as confidence and a sense of adventure! No matter what you do you’re enriching your life even if you don’t necessarily think so at the time!

So if you’re sat there thinking “I do nothing as extreme and so won’t learn anything” you are wrong! Yes, we can all agree Snowboarding and the RAFAC are a bit unusual but that’s by sheer coincidence and my personal interest, much to my parents’ despair! Don’t forget I was still playing netball for the school and this too helped me! So, no matter what you do outside of school, the best thing you can do is try! Gain confidence and try new things! From new things comes new opportunities and from there ‘the world is your oyster’!

Harlie, Year 11


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