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The 12th Man

In the 2004-2005 season out stepped Delia Smith, our much loved owner. This was the moment when she came out of the tunnel to produce her infamous speech “let’s be havin you” a message greeted by boos from the Norwich fans. What is she doing? Is she drunk? People were thinking. But no! She recognised the importance of the fans. It may not have worked with us losing in injury- time but she wanted the fans to up their game.

As we know in current times Football and other sports have come to a stop. With the Premier League set to return on the 17th June. This provided excitement and questions. But with one thing set in stone; no fans. This made me think can Football really work with no fans?

For teams like Norwich fighting to survive, they often need a 12th man. Take the Man City game for example, we beat the champions 3-2! The River End, where I sit, were virtually out of their seats for the whole game cheering the team on. This must have been a difference to players to get them over the line! Big guns like Man city, Arsenal, Liverpool should fear coming to Carrow Road because they know if they are up against it the Norwich crowd will be right behind them.

Huge difference?

Well yes! When Alex Tetty is 30 yards out and the crowd screams shooooooot! He usually does but will he hear us when we are watching the game on Sky or BT, waving our scarves about in the living room shouting shoooooot! As much as you think you make a difference from your living room you don’t!

I travelled away to Tottenham in the cup, a night game, we took 9000 fans! This made a huge difference. It was the most intense experience. The momentum and influence from the fans was definitely a factor. For the first 60 minutes we didn’t actually play that well but my belief was that fans helped us to get back in the game and through extra time. However, in penalties all the fans could do was watch on it was a nail- biting experience but with super Timmy Krul winning us the shootout with cries of “we are going to Wembley!” Only for the FA cup to be suspended - how will we cope against Man United in the quarter finals with an empty stadium? We won’t get our day at Wembley even if we do progress.


Football is back! All the games we can watch. Any injures that we had are gone and everybody is back to full fitness. Also our bad form before the lockdown can be forgotten, it’s a fresh start. Good for the club- we lose less money, but run the risk of getting relegated.


However we will be without out 12th man!!

Photos credits: Pinterest, melay mail, pink un, Norwich city, the sun

Noah Moore Year 8 (aka pukkiparty)



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