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Song writing tips

Music. We hear music nearly everyday of our lives. You will always find it somewhere. I am a musician and I am here to talk to you a bit about song writing and how you can improve on your lyric writing and then also some tips about performing them and just performing musical pieces in general. Ever since a young age I have found writing as a way to become free and to lose myself in the words I write. I have struggled with my mental health for some time and music and writing songs has proven as my escape and is my way of expressing how I feel. I am going to give you some advice on how to improve your lyric choices.

1. Decide on the subject of your song:

Sometimes, a theme may come to you easily, for example if you are upset and focused on one thing maybe you want to express yourself by writing about that, or maybe you have feelings for someone and you don't know how say what you feel about them, song writing is a good way to tell that (I give you that bit from pure experience). Yet it may just be something completely random like potatoes or trees!

2. Choose some words that relate to your subject:

By this, I mean write down some key words that you think represent your chosen subject for example: if you were writing about something that is upsetting you, use some words like pain or hurt. There are many music artists that use this subject and these sort of words in their songs because it really captures an emotional meaning.

3. You could try and rhyme it:

Quite a few famous artists decide to rhyme their songs, as I am sure most of you are aware of Billie Eilish's song "Bad Guy" nearly all of the lines in that song rhyme. So when you begin to write your song you can choose whether you want to add in rhyming words to the end of your lines or not.

Now that you know the basics of writing a song, you may get the opportunity to perform it. Obviously you do not have to share your songs with anyone if you don't want to but if you do want to share them and you get the chance to, then here are a few tips on performing, because throughout your music life at CNS you have to perform a lot and if you want to pursue music for your GCSEs like I am, then you will have to perform throughout it.

1. Take deep breaths and try to relax before you perform:

Everybody gets nervous, it is completely normal to feel a little scared before you perform, you are never going to not be at all nervous before you go on stage or before you perform, but there are ways you can settle yourself slightly so you do not go into a large panic situation (also known from experience). Before you have to perform, just drink some water and take some slow deep breaths which will prevent you from being completely nervous.

2. Keep your hands at your sides (Unless you are using them to play an instrument):

When you are on stage performing do not let your hands shelter your face or do not clasp them together, as said in the previous tip, you may be nervous however by unclasping your hands and leaving them to fall down by your side not only makes you look more professional but gives off a good impression of you to the audience that you are not shy.

3. Sing or play clearly:

Do not enable your nerves to get in the way of your performance. Make sure you sing clearly and breathe properly using your diaphragm to control the length of the notes you sing. This will add emotion and make it a lovely clear performance and if you are playing an instrument for example: I play the cello and the piano, do not allow yourself to curl up, allow your fingers to move freely without feeling trapped and if you are playing a brass or woodwind instrument the same breathing method applies to that as well as the singing.

4.Most importantly do not forget to have fun:

I know this may sound soppy and you here this from everyone but music is a wondrous thing and you have created the beautiful lyrics you are singing. You can play around with the melody and tune to your song as much as you like. Have fun when creating it and then bask in the applause after you have performed it because I am sure everyone will love it.

Why not go and try this for yourself now? Allow yourself to run away with the words just like I do.

Thank you for reading and enjoy!!🎵

Abbie, Year 9


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