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My (very befuddling) first day of High School (Part 3)

The last time I left of, I was to go to my first lesson of the year. So, I’ve been dismissed from Period 1 and about to make my way to P.E. My form tutor had supplied me with a map of the school grounds, which came in quite handy. Luckily, my form room was quite close to the P.E. department and I had the map equipped with me, so I had no trouble finding my way. Whilst Ms. Cook was making gestures with her hands to form organised lines, I was waiting to see if any of my friends would show up. Before long, Ms. Cook gathered all the girls into the gym. I was beginning to feel fretful, as I could not see any of my friends from primary school. Soon enough, I came across 4 friends, Ruby, Jessica, Ella and Georgina (Georgina and Ella are not their real names). Incredibly, Ruby, Georgina and Ella were selected to my same set. Yet before we could start rambling on about our holidays, everyone present in the room was silenced by Mr. Lee’s booming voice, that reverberated for a long time within the gym. It was so quiet afterwards; you could hear a pin drop.

The teachers then followed along with the register, and I just dreaded the moment my name appeared. Now, I have a Pakistani name, so it’s understandably and easily mis-pronounced. ‘Maanur.’ Said Ms. Cook. I corrected her afterwards, saying it was pronounced Man-or (spelt Mahnoor) . After the register was completed, she explained the rules and gave an outline as to what year 7 P.E. would look like. She mentioned the Hands, Head and Heart thing, and wanted to see what sports everybody played and liked. When she announced golf, my hand was the only one within a river of girls, coming from all backgrounds, countries, religions, colours and ethnicities whose hand was raised. I felt unique.

Saved by the bell. I waited and gathered with my friend group and we all progressed our way outside to a tree. At ‘The Tree’ I found all my great friends assembling there. I chatted with them and we all snagged scenes from our summer holidays. The fun wouldn’t last forever though, and before long everybody split apart to retreat to their next lessons. 

Whilst investigating my timetable, I discovered Ruby was also within my Maths class, which was my next lesson. We both got excited about and skipped along to room 114. Upon arrival, we stumbled across some more primary school buddies, Ryan and Tom (not his real name). My maths teacher was Ms. Barker, and she was a very lovely teacher, but when news came that everybody was arranged into seating plans, I thought that this would be the end of the world, sitting next to a stranger. I was also quite a shy person, mind you. Unbelievably though, I, Ruby, Ryan and Tom were all seated on the same table, with Ruby being my partner. We had fun in our first maths lesson and enjoyed learning some new stuff, but we managed to squeeze the tiniest trace of mess about at times. I didn’t even mind that much when Ms. Barker incorrectly said my name. 

The bell for Period 4 rang and I squealed in excitement for my next, and one of my favourite lessons, Music with Ms. Cook. I had to force myself to say goodbye to Ruby and say hello to new people. I had Ryan at least though, so it wasn’t too bad. But again, another seating plan was set. OK, I thought, this might be a little tough. I tried not to let it get to my head. Ms. Cook played some music for us to guess the name of, and that was quite an enjoyable experience. She also explained in detail of what the Autumn term would throw at us, which was learning Keyboard, playing guitar and singing. I was very excited, as I love singing. Then the moment everyone had patiently anticipated. Lunchtime.

I’m afraid that’s all I’ve got time for.

Catch you later! Rey, year 7 student.


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