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My (very befuddling) first day of High School (Part 2)

Let me give you a reminder of last time’s blog. It’s my first day of high school and I am more excited than ever. I’m looking great and I’m so prepared to face the day. I’ve been dropped off at an alleyway to walk to school and find my way. Without further ado, here’s the rest of the journey and more.

So, I’m cautiously following my brother and a neighbour to school. I’m a very slow person compared to them and my little legs are getting very achy on the way to school. It seemed like eternity doing that little journey.  After a very, very tiring walk indeed, I arrived at CNS. My brother, myself and the neighbour went their separate ways. I gazed at the school grounds in sheer awe and amazement. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw an old friend that attended my primary school, but I didn’t want to say hi, I was speechless. I made my way to the Arc and awaited the moment when circulating, warm air brushed up against my face and gave me a flurry of warmth.

I entered the Auditorium and I was greeted by the fuss of buzzing year 7s. Some were excited to see their friends, some wondered what the new year would bring. From all backgrounds and places, it was just a river of diversity. On my way up the stairs to where my form was sitting, I spotted a few of my friends. We exchanged some small talk along the way, and bragged about our summer holidays, but we couldn’t get carried away. I waved to my friend Charlotte, who excitedly waved back at me and I sat down next to her.

A few minutes later, the second bell rang. We were then greeted very loudly by Mr. Innes. He began with a little talk about the transition to high school and how this would be a challenging time for us and stuff, and then tried to give us some reassurance and tips to overcome that fear. If you ask me, I was only fearing the homework. Anyway, shortly afterwards, his role was taken over by Mrs. Tillyard. She just explained the rules and the ropes of CNS and gave us an outline of what the consequences would be. Ms. Philpott also joined in and threw at us the ‘Just be CNS’ phrase, so it gave me a little bit more reassurance that everything was going to be okay.

Finally, after a very nerve-racking assembly, Mr. Innes dismissed us, row-by-row, then myself and Charlotte excitedly ran out the door to our form room, which was where we would meet our form tutor, Ms. Curle. Period one would be spent not to learn, but to sort of confirm all the details. She gave us a run-through of what we were going to be doing in year 7, our role within the school and what has going to happen. She then got to the exciting bit; the topic of timetables came in to play. Ms. Curle gave everyone’s timetables out, all except mine, to use as a demonstration. She showed us how to tell what lesson to go to and at what time to be there, you get the picture. Ms. Curle then handed back the paper to me and I worked with Charlotte to see if we shared any lessons. We unfortunately didn’t though, because she was in East lessons, whilst I’m in West. I didn’t really think much of it though, there would be a few other friends in my lessons, surely.

After a very long anticipated time, we were dismissed from our form group and everybody dispersed to their first lessons of the year. I had P.E. first, with Ms. Cook and I generally had no problem getting to the P.E. Department. It was near my form room and I had a map of the grounds to guide me round.

Anyway, Part 2 was very focused. I just really want everybody reading to get the full experience of my first day. Catch you later!

Rey, Year 7 student.


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