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My (very befuddling) first day of High School (Part 1)

It can be exciting for some, scary for others and just... their first day of high school for the rest. Well, it isn’t every day that it’s your first day of high school, correct? I’m going to tell you all about my personal experience for this very confusing day.

7:00 sharp. My mum came to wake me and all my siblings up for our first day back at school. Everything for me was going to be new, new uniform, new shoes, new bag, new year, new school, new classrooms, the list drags on forever. Though it seemed like I hadn’t slept the whole night (due to my bursting excitement) I bounced out of bed and looked out my window, to witness a very fine day to start a new year. The birds were tweeting, the sun was shining and seemed like very fine weather. Following that, I briskly made my way to the bathroom to be intensively vain of myself. I brushed my teeth for a full 2 minutes; then, I smeared a lather of facewash onto myself and rinsed it down immediately afterwards. I checked my face on last time (just to make sure I wasn’t looking like a fool) and walked out. I snatched my uniform out of the closet and began to change into my new uniform. 

After a while, it was time for my final appearance checklist:

  • Clean face

  • Flawless smile

  • Beautiful Hijab (religious head covering)

  • Polo shirt, not too tight and not too loose

  • Skirt, with the initials of the school embroidered onto it, not too high and not too low

  • Leggings

  • Snazzy socks

  • Decent hoodie

You always need a good breakfast to fill up that stomach of yours, am I right? On a fine day came a fine breakfast; two mini-waffles with a glass of milk, along with a boiled egg. I shoved my food down my throat and grabbed my bag, already pre-packed with my equipment, so as not to waste time the next day.  I took my lunch, as well as my water bottle and carefully placed it underneath my stationery. 

Finally, I slipped into my shoes effortlessly and just sat around the TV, waiting for my brother. Oh, my brother, possibly the most pessimistic person I’ve ever known. Always getting up late and never bothered to at least try to get to school. After about 20 minutes of insanity and very patient waiting, it was around 7:50, and time to head out the door and into my neighbour’s car. I had a peaceful little ride to school. Myself, my brother, my neighbour and his son exchanged small talk between each other. 

As I was not very familiar with the school, I also didn’t know the route to get there; my neighbour would drop us off at an alleyway and my brother and the neighbour’s son would travel through said alleyway as a shortcut. I stepped out, a little nervous and the car sped away. I would slowly peep over my brother’s shoulder as a little shy gesture and started following them on our not-so-perilous journey to school.

Anyway, that’s all for part 1. I’ll be back with part 2. Later!

Rey, Year 7 student.


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