• CNS student


Microsoft teams

You’re the bane of my life

And you know it.

Do you think it’s funny?

To clog up my speaker with your monotone grumbles;

Turn a perfectly graspable description of Electrolysis into a sequence of odd whines and grunts that sound more like a tribal chant than

GCSE chemistry

And will you stop chucking me off meetings whenever the mood hits you?

Because funnily enough I can’t answer Sir’s question when I’m left stranded on the homepage, quite frankly

Questioning my existence

The day we scrunch you up in a ball and chuck you in the bin will be a glorious one,

You may be living the good life right now but it won’t last long, pal

I never knew so many problems could arise from so little an app,

But then, I also never knew that applications could hold

Vendettas against students;

Oh yes, I see who your favourites are,

Their icons perched smugly on the call, never cutting off halfway through, never persecuted by your technical tactics

You think you’re being discreet, but honestly:

I see exactly what you’re doing.

Microsoft teams

You’re the bane of my life

Mimi, Year 11