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Updated: Apr 29, 2020

Hello, my name is Jake and I am now finishing my time at CNS in year 11 and as deputy head student and head student for Thornham. When we were first told about our roles within CNS it was one that we should see to leave a legacy in the school and hopefully we as a team of head students have done that through many ideas and one being this very blog. However, I wanted to show the legacy the school has left on me.

Year 7 for many is a scary year as it is a new, big school with big kids walking the halls and new subjects being taught (drama, art etc). For myself the week introduction at the end of year 6 was brilliant in getting to grips with surroundings and then the first few weeks of year 7 we were given the space in order to make mistakes with going to the wrong room or being a tad late to a lesson because for many it is a big learning curve. A highlight for myself in year 7 was a big reward scheme in which some of the year were given the opportunity to go to Harry Potter Studios to look round the set and do a workshop this was a great chance for myself to reach out to new people I have not spoken to before and make some new friends around the school.

Year 8 was a really fun year academically I remember looking forward to nearly every lesson. I had really good relationships with all my teachers and classmates. I remember this being a year of good memories and learning.

Year 9 this year school began to knuckle down on the core parts of work readying us for GCSEs this is also the year we choose our Options. This year was vital in setting up my future through not only choosing subjects I enjoy but subjects I felt were going to be useful for my future choices in life. The subjects I chose in the end was PE, History and sociology. We were also able to have a guidance day in which we got to have taster session for new subjects in GCSE such as Business studies and sociology.

Year 10 was the start of KS4 and the start to the footballing success of our year group. The school’s ability to keep studies key yet have the success of the school team. I enjoyed my studies as they were fun and focused. But the highlight of my year was the school reaching the last 32 teams in the English school’s cup and winning the county cup. My favourite game of the year was a lunchtime kick-off in which some of the school came to watch and support with there own chants it was a special game as it lead us into the last 32 of the country.

Year 11 for most is a year of high stresses and panic well the school made it quite relaxed yet keep the intensity of the exams and studying on our minds but of course we were the year that covid19 meant that we are unable to sit our exams. Some may see it as a bad thing yet some may see it as a good thing for myself I felt prepared to sit the exams and get a fair grade yet also I feel happy with my work that my teachers will reflect my grade fairly as well. This year the school football team also faced success however not the same success as before reaching again the last 32 in the English schools’ cup and only the semi-final in the county. Also, this year I was given the role of head student for Thornham as well as deputy head student of the school this was an honour to be awarded the role and work closely with teachers and others in the school.

Jake, Year 11


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