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Let me start by saying a little about myself. Hi, my name is Mahnoor (better known as ‘Rey’), and I am a year 7 student at CNS. I had quite a lot of fun at CNS, yet though I was shy and I had to build on strong friendships slowly, it went by fast! I had a lot of good friends and we always got along well.

I live in a family of 6; you have my mum, my dad, my 2 younger sisters and my elder brother. With that many people, it can get a little messy and noisy around the house. What I like to do, whenever I have spare time, is to shut the door behind me and be free to do whatever I want, all in my bedroom.

I have a lot of hobbies to mention, but I’ll only say a few. First off, knitting. You can ramble on about how that’s for elderly people, but it won’t stop me from doing what I like. Knitting was a clothes making technique that traces back as far back as the 5th century, and since then it has been a beloved hobby for many. I’d recommend knitting a scarf first for beginners, because that’s the easiest thing to do. Try experimenting with different techniques and wool to suit your type and preferences. My latest project is a beanie hat for my friend!

Secondly, imaginative drama! Whenever I get the chance to be alone, I always like to imagine I’m some sort of important figure, like an activist or maybe a politician. Because it’s only you in the room, you can be, have the setting to be, how the acting goes and much more to be whatever you want to be! It also really helps to develop my drama skills. One example of imaginary drama I did yesterday was being an activist for lots of problems around the world, and that I had an army of people storming the House of Commons with me! It’s very wacky, but great fun too!

Third, I like to stargaze. Stargazing is a study of stars or a constellation and/or how they came to be. A few tips I can give for stargazing would be to get as high as possible, and don’t buy a telescope straight away; you have to get use to the stars you see and understand them first, before the advanced stuff kicks in. Unfortunately, due to social distancing, I can’t currently stargaze, because I have to get away from congested light to see the stars properly, but it’s definitely something worth to do.

Last, but not least, a favorite hobby of mine is cycling. I have had a bike for a long time, and never do I forget about it! Cycling is great sport to do, whether you are competitive or not; a way to escape the cramped indoors and ride freely through the streets. Try to first cycle round a little area around your neighbourhood a few times, then go for something harder. A really great thing to do would be to find some nature and cycle around there. Try cycling to school, when school does re-open.

Hobbies are something everyone must try and just reach out to explore the great unknown. You could be better at one lesson you have because of one. I’d really recommend doing all, or any, of the above. It’s also just a really great way to keep yourself busy, like in current times.

Thank you for reading and good day to you!

Rey, Year 7


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