Are you a budding blogger who wants to share something with the CNS community?  Then why not send us your blog for publishing?  

This site is a place where students can share ideas and information and its aim is to be a source of inspiration, help and advice. If you feel you have something to contribute, let us know!

You might want to tell everyone about a subject you are passionate about, or an interest or hobby that you like doing in your spare time and that you want to inspire others to try.  Maybe you have some tips and advice on how you are organising and managing home learning, or how you are keeping active and busy with the social distancing measures currently in place. Or perhaps you just want to share with others what you are missing about school life and encourage them to talk about their feelings and emotions.  These are just a few ideas, but you could write about anything at all that you think people will want to read about.  Tips on how to write a blog can be found here

Send your contribution, along with your name and year group to studentvoice@cns-school.org and someone will review and consider it for publication.  Please submit your blog in a word document or other editable format.  Please do not send PDF’s as these do not transfer easily.   

Happy writing!